I have been to my fair share of hen parties this year and without a doubt the thing that gets the party started is a good hen party game. So I thought it would be a good idea to invite Catherine Goulbourne from Hen Heaven to give you some ideas about games that you can make or buy to make sure your bride-to-be’s party goes off with a bang!

Hen party game idea, Hen Heaven via Aphrodite's Wedding Blog

Planning a great hen do is never an easy task: there are several things you need to think about. Where are you going to go? How many hens are going? What extra little things can you do to make it perfect?  Well more often than not it’s the little extras that get neglected during the planning process! Extras like hen party games which (let’s face it) are a great thing to have planned and prepared for your hen do as they,

A) Help to get everyone in the party mood (well hen games and a few cocktails anyway…)

B) They are a fantastic way to break the ice (for hens who have never met before)

C) Can be used to help bring the party back to life if it gets a bit quiet (this doesn’t happen often – but it has been known to happen!)

Now since we (Hen Heaven) have been planning hen parties since 2002 we like to think that we know a thing or two about hen parties and hen party games!  So have a break  from hen planning and stop Googling “Hen party Edinburgh” because we’ve decided to share with you, the top 5 best hen party games (both shop brought and self-constructed) that we know of…

Hen party game idea, Hen Heaven via Aphrodite's Wedding Blog

We know it’s a little naughty but this grown up adaptation of the classic “Pin the tail on the donkey” is one of the funniest hen games around! Like the traditional game, you blindfold the hen, spin her around (not too fast mind you, especially if she’s had a few cocktails) and watch with stifled giggles as she tries to accurately pin the inflatable appendage onto the poster.   Perfect for playing at home and sure to provide plenty of entertainment and induce mass laughter before you and the girls hit the town.



Hen “Achievement” Hunt (make) 

This one requires some preparation beforehand but we guarantee you – it’ll be worth it! The idea is you create a tick list of achievements for each hen to do (or split the group into two teams if you prefer.) Sounds relatively simple (not to mention tame) doesn’t it? Well! This is where you have the power to be as reserved or as outrageous as you like when creating the “achievements”.  Popular “achievements” (or dares if you prefer) that we’ve heard of include, “Get a hunky strangers number”, “Blag a free drink from the barman” and “Do a table top dance for 15 seconds” (just to name a few!) Whichever hen/ team is the first to complete the entire check list gets a prize (which we’ll leave up to you!)

Hen Dare Dice (buy) 

Hen party game idea, Hen Heaven via Aphrodite's Wedding BlogHowever if you don’t like the idea of carrying out checklists or pens then these useful “dare dice” are a naughty and portable way to play hen dares. Pop them in your purse and take them out during your party. Watch the hen roll and be prepared to giggle at the result. Results vary from “Stroke” “Best Baldie” to “Pinch” “Guy with cutest bum”. So if you get these dice then be prepared for some wild dares!




Who knows the bride best quiz (make) 

Another popular DIY hen game is the “Who knows the bride best quiz.” We recommend you prepare by typing up some questions about the bride beforehand  but to be honest with you this game can also be played spontaneously (if you have all the tight equipment that is.) Now once you’ve done that you’re going to need paper, pens and preferably a place where you can hear one another (so best not to play this at a night club.) Questions can be as simple as “Where did the bride-to-be meet her groom?” to slightly naughtier questions like “Where on the body/face is the bride-to-be’s favourite place to be kissed?” This game is great for making the bride-to-be feel special, plus it’ll help all the hens get to know her better too!

Hen party game idea, Hen Heaven via Aphrodite's Wedding BlogIf, however you want everyone to get to know another better, then this is the best game to play on during your hen do! Obviously it’s an adaptation of the classic “Spin the bottle game” but unlike the original game you won’t be required to kiss one another (so you can get Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” out of your head now). No, whoever spins has to do what the spinner lands on once it’s stopped. These things include shooting back a shot or revealing an embarrassing secret (amongst other things) definitely the best way to get all the hens giggling!


So that’s it for our top 5 best hen party games! We know that there are more hen games out there but we found that (when we asked all the ladies we knew) these ones were the most popular (not to mention the funniest!) and we hope that this article has inspired you play a few during your hen do!

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