Today’s Wedding Beauty Investigator is a little bit different because today is a review or products for men.  Obviously that expertise, so for one day only, I am handing over to the life to share his thoughts on GlossyBox for Men:

Hello everyone, I’m Chris, Em’s boyfriend.  Recently the lovely people at GLOSSYBOX were kind enough to send Em their new GLOSSYBOX for Men and as you may have guessed, over the next few lines, I’ll be giving my humble opinion on each product.  Now I’m not usually one for products, no matter what my friends may say, but I am always happy to be a guinea pig.  The box contains 7 products ranging from after shave to a face mask.  The face mask certainly took some building up to to be honest, call me old fashioned but it just isn’t something I would usually go for.


Right, that’s enough of the build up, let’s get into it!


Product one is called The Cool Fix and it’s produced by Shaveworks.  This is a blue gel and it designed to alleviate shaving and, if you get them gents, waxing woes.

I must say that this is a great product, my only and perhaps biggest reservation, however is that the initial odour you are hit with is one of pure alcohol.  First thing in a morning this is quite the wake up call!  Otherwise I can confirm that the gel is really good, it keeps razor rash at bay and most importantly it seems to keeping my naturally dry skin nicely hydrated.  If they could remove the first hit of alcohol I’d be sure to buy it and recommend it to my friends.


The next two products are from Goldwell, Dualsenses FOR MEN hair & body shampoo and Stylesign Roughman Matte Cream Paste hair product.

The shampoo blurb states it will ‘cleanse, revitalise and care for my hair, skin and scalp’.  To be honest, classic man, I haven’t really noticed too much difference from using this to using my usual combo of wash & go followed by Original Source shower gel (or whatever we have in the shower). It did a good job of getting rid of hair product which is good and I did like the smell but not sure I would pay £7.60 for the full size, 300ml bottle.

The matte cream paste wasn’t a winner for me though I’m afraid.  It states on the menu (card that comes in the GlossyBox saying what is within) the applicatee should ‘rub a small amount between your palms and style you hair. Use on slightly damp or dry hair.’.  So I did, on a couple of different occasions, both damp and dry hair.  Unfortunately on each occasion by about mid afternoon my hair started to look greasy and by bedtime it was full on shiny which just isn’t for me.  A bit disapointing really.


Two more products, both from MONU, were next… From the Vitru range I give you Energy Rub and Conditioning Body Wash.  I’m told (the menu again!) that ‘Vitru’s Energy Rub muscle gel is designed to energise a tired mind and body.’. Now I’m not one for body rubs but it was pretty good really, used in a morning it gave me a boost before work, perhaps not making me more productive during the day, but certainly helping me wake up and probably much more useful than coffee!  Now the conditioning bodywash, sorry to say this team, goes the way of the Goldwell product I mentioned earlier.  The product is ‘formulated with mild foaming agents to gently cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh and supple’.  Well it did foam, can’t fault that, but I’m afraid I missed the fresh and supple part.  Which is sad, as I’ve always wanted to be more supple, seriously, I have the flexibility of plank of wood. A yoga professional I am not.

YVES SAINT LAUREN were included in the box as well, La Nuit de L’Homme and L’Homme.  La Nuit is ‘a fresh oriental men’s fragrance that rocks the senses, combining cardamom and cedarwood for an intensely sexy scent’ and L’Homme is ‘fresh, woody, masculine.’.  Well I had some help with this, Ems friends to be precise at a recent party.  Both smelt pretty good to me but the winner, as chosen by the ladies was La Nuit de L’Homme.  I was happy with both scents, they were right up my street, though very similar to my untrained palette! The girls were of the opinion that La Nuit had more of a punch to it, in a good way, so that’s been my smell of choice for the last few days.


All this leaves me with the big one, my Everest, the face mask.  The face mask.  Well I’d been dodging it since receiving the box, being macho and all that, so it’s taken till now, when writing the blog, to give it a blast.  The product is MURAD Claryfying from a ‘natural clay based formula which draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil to control and prevent breakouts.’.  Not sure what a breakout is (any help greatfully received on that one) however I can confirm that I have a new found admiration to people who do regular skin care regimes. How do you do it, I can’t move my face, it stings to touch and I think, but I can’t confirm, that it probably shouldn’t have got it in my hair!  So what about the result I hear you say?!?  Well, 10 minutes later and boooooom my skin is softer, a bit less shiny and smells (currently) pretty good.  It has however, taken a lot of moisture out which as I have previously mentionned is not in abundance in my skin anyway.  As a result I probably wouldn’t use it regularly and another reason is the massive laugh I got from Em when I wondered into the lounge to keep writing this.  Brilliant.


So that about wraps it up then team… my second foray into the world of Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog (eagle eyed readers will note that I was posting the blog while Em was in Spain last year)  I hope you loved it and it was useful for you all either thinking of a subscription or individual presents for friends, family, partners or fiances.  Hope you all have an awesome 2012.

Much love!

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