There are various tools that you come across as a blogger that make life a little easier, help you to organise or produce posts and are generally a bit of a god send.  And some of these tools are also tools that can be invaluable for wedding planning bride and grooms to be.  So this wedding blogger is making it her mission to share some of the tools with you and hopefully alleviate some of your wedding planning stresses, and turn the process into a whirlwind of pretty (well, most of the time).

Today’s tool is one that it took me a long time to get into.  I signed up about two months ago, and then just didn’t touch it.  I saw a lot of fellow bloggers raving about it on Twitter, and still I resisted.  Until one afternoon I decided that I needed to take the plunge, and I entered the world of Pinterest and have never looked back.

But what is this new-fangled contraption you speak of, I hear you ask?  Pinterest is effectively an online pin board.  When you scour pile upon pile of wedding magazines, many brides-to-be will cut out their favourite snippets and save them in a scrap book.  But what about the masses of inspiration that can be found online (*cough* on wedding blogs *cough*).  Yes you can print it out, but more often than not you won’t.  And that is where Pinterest comes in, with just the click of a button you can save images to various ‘boards’ on your account.


For example I have categories for wedding dresses, shoes, décor, details….the list goes on.  When I find a pretty image I just click on the ‘pin it’ button that I have handily downloaded from the website and I can choose the image that I want to save on my boards.

You can also be inspired by the ‘pins’ of fellow users, with a handily placed ‘wedding and events’ category highlighting various users images that fit into the category.

Coming back to your boards at various stages of the planning can help you remember ideas, and pull think about pulling together all of the different strands that you want to incorporate into to your day.  So if you do just one thing today in your wedding planning endevous, I wholeheartedly recommend that it is to join Pinterest.  A world of inspiration awaits you there.

And why not drop in and check out my pins while you are there :)

To whet your appetite, here are a few of my latest discoveries through Pinterest:

{Green Dandelion via Pinterest}

{Elements of Style via Pinterest}

{The Wedding Tree via Pinterest}

So are any of you already on Pinterest?  Drop me a message with your username, I would love to follow you and get a sneak peak into the inspiration behind your big day!

Love, Aphrodite x



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