Choosing A Wedding Videographer

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It has become increasingly popular for couples to have a video made of their wedding and reception celebrations, often to complement the photographer’s record. A video provides a way to look back on the events of your ceremony and reception, and gives an opportunity to view the celebrations from a different perspective.

Most couples feel that their wedding day goes by in a blur and that they do not remember the finer details of the celebrations. Things like guests’ outfits, the bridesmaid’s giggles and the way the guests laughed at the groom’s speech can get missed in the excitement. Also, the bride and groom are often in one place for a long time, while having photographs taken for example, and may miss some lovely moments elsewhere.

What To Ask the videographer

Speak with, or better still, visit two or three videographers and have some questions and requirements to hand. Here are our suggestions:

Ask to see some examples of their work. Make sure that some of these examples are weddings of a similar size to the one you are planning. Make sure that the quality of the videos you see matches up to your expectations for your own. Does the picture wobble? Is everything clearly in focus? Can you clearly understand the speech that has been recorded? If you are not happy with the quality of the video you see, it is likely you will not be happy with your own video.

Find out the style of video the videographer is known for. Do they make formal productions, or are they more in the ‘fly-on-the-wall’, hand held style. Make sure the videographer’s style suits the one you would like.

Make sure that you are speaking to the person who will actually record your wedding. If not, ask to have a meeting with the person who will attend and make sure that your requirements are passed on.

Make sure you feel you get on with the person who will record your celebrations. He or she will be present throughout your wedding day, so personality clashes should be avoided. Try to decide whether the person you are meeting will be sensitive to the way you are getting married and the types of people you are inviting.

Ask how many cameras will be used to film the service and reception. One camera is usually not enough to capture everything in a wedding ceremony, but it will be the cheapest and most unobtrusive option. Any more than three cameras and there is a risk that your wedding will look more like a film set!

Also find out what sort of camera equipment will be used. Will the videograpaher use semi-professional equipment or will they use high quality broadcast quality equipment such as steadycams (cameras that produce very steady results whilst in motion). The quality of the camera equipment will also determine whether artificial lighting is required for indoor recording, which you may consider obtrusive.

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