Being Best Man’s a Breeze… or Not

best man groom

When you’re chosen to be the best man at a wedding, you hold a special place in the groom’s life. Being best man means that you are someone the groom can trust to look out for things he’s too busy to worry about. It is therefore a position of trust and responsibility.


When you’re best man at a wedding, it is your main responsibility to arrange the bachelor’s party for the groom. Make sure that your planned activities will be to the groom’s liking. The bachelor’s party, after all, is supposed to let the groom have a last taste of bachelorhood before he gets firmly shackled. It is quite alright to consult the groom about his wishes but it is even better if the party remains a complete surprise to him.

You also need to collect the money for the party, reserve the venue, make the arrangements for food and drinks, and organize everything else that’s necessary. These all depend on your planned activities. You are also tasked with inviting the people the groom would like to see at his bachelor’s party. While at it, you should also collect the money for the groom’s bachelor party gifts.


The best man is actually the groom’s personal valet on the day of the wedding. You are in charge of the limousine arrangements or you can drive the groom to the church instead. Make sure that the groom is not late. You are supposed to help the groom change into his wedding tuxedo and keep the rings and pay the fees associated with the ceremony like the minister’s fees and the choir’s tips. As best man, you also need to witness the marriage certificate and escort the maid of honor to the reception.


At the reception, you have to stand with the maid of honor, receive the guests on behalf of the happy couple and host the wedding program. One major task is your wedding speech so be sure to give a commendable one. When dancing commences, dance at least once with the maid of honor.

After the festivities, help the groom change out of his tuxedo and ensure its timely return to the rentals. Furthermore, make sure that the groom is appropriately packed for his upcoming trip. Finally, drive the happy couple to the airport or anywhere else for their honeymoon trip, and don’t forget to give them your best wishes.