Flower Power for a Fairytale Wedding

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Imagine the bride walking down the aisle wearing a pristine white gown and a wreath of flowers on her hair. She’d be smiling at the groom; she would have a light blush adorning her cheeks. Her footsteps would be slow and graceful. She would look like a fairy princess, maybe even a deity or a goddess.

She would be absolutely beautiful.It’ll be just like a fairy tale. It would be the princess and the prince charming love affair that is the stuff of little girls’ dreams. But how can this ethereal effect be achieved?

Why, by using flowers of course!

Ever since we humans decided to tie the knot through a ceremony of some sort, we have used flowers to make things more beautiful. The Romans did it and so did the Scots. Brides have been putting wreaths of flowers on their heads since time immemorial. Flower wreaths were said to symbolize the couple’s never ending love for each other. They also symbolize good fortune. Indeed, using flowers in your wedding is a great way to start your married life.

Flowers and Weddings

Flowers are perfect for weddings. They’re beautiful and they give off that sweet and innocent effect. They’re perfect for the blushing bride. Plus, they’re relatively cheap, too; using flowers to adorn the bride’s hair is much more affordable than buying an expensive jewel-studded tiara yet the overall effect is just as beautiful.

The bride’s not the only one who can use flowers either. Flower girls are usually the ones wearing these wreaths of flowers but you can have the bridesmaids wear them too.

Flowers add a splash of color to the bride’s attire. Instead of having a purely white attire, complete with a white veil and a beautiful white gown, the bride can use flowers to give herself a splash of color. She can use her favorite color. If she likes pink she can use pink carnations. If she likes red she can use beautiful red roses. She can also use an assortment of flowers for more vibrant colors. She can add a touch of purple by using exquisite orchids or maybe use a tulip or two to put a dash of yellow into the mix.

Flowers are perfect for garden weddings or lakeside weddings. And they’re also perfect for spring weddings or summer weddings. These settings and seasons will surely help to enhance that fairy tale effect that you’re aiming for. So if you want a fairytale wedding, put some in your hair and flower power everywhere.